The Benefits of Cash-Based Physical Therapy Visits

Cash-based physical therapy is becoming more popular and widely available as both therapists and patients discover the advantages of these over insurance-based visits. Cash-based visits may be the best choice for you as a provider.

Here are some of the benefits of cash-based visits, for both yourself as a physical therapist, and for your patient.

You get to determine your own pricing. Although your pricing will depend on your overhead costs, your location, and the number of patients you have, cash-based visits do allow you to set a pricing for yourself. This ability gives you control over your finances that insurance visits do not offer.

You can work after-hours. If you work at a clinic during the day, you can increase your income and take on more patients with cash-based visits. Now, you won’t be limited by normal working hours.

You can significantly lower your cost of business. Dealing with insurance claims and denials often requires hiring someone to handle this aspect of the business for you. When you work with cash-based visits, you can skip the hassle and the costs of insurance claims work. You’ll also have a more dependable and steady influx of income.

You can spend more (quality) time on patients, in several ways:

  • By eliminating the time you spend on insurance claims and related financial business, you can focus on providing more quality care to your patients.
  • Patients with chronic illnesses can get consistent therapy, instead of having to take time off (about six weeks) because their insurance won’t cover continuous, uninterrupted therapy.
  • You can see patients immediately, as soon as they need you, instead of waiting for insurance, referrals, or an HMO appointment.

You can heal your patients in less time. When you offer more quality care in one session, patients can get better treatment and heal faster than they would have if they came to three lower-quality sessions.

You can offer patients a better deal. Instead of paying, for example, $90 per week in copays by paying $30 for 3 sessions, they can access highly personalized treatment once a week for only a little bit more. And as we’ve covered, the higher quality leads to quicker healing, meaning lower costs in the end.

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