You choose the location that works best for you, whether it be work, home or the gym. Our therapist always comes to you.

Our therapist will come with all the necessary equipment and tools to treat you.

The MOCA suggestion is loose fitting clothing that you can exercise and move in; your therapist will inform you if there is any special attire needed for your session.

MOCA is a marketplace; therefore, you choose the physical therapist that best aligns with your needs. You can set up an appointment with the same physical therapist based on their availability.

You will enter your payment information prior to selecting a therapist. After each treatment is finalized, your payment is automatically deducted at the agreed-upon pricing.

Reach out to MOCA at hello@joinmoca.com, in the mean time you can review our payment and cancellations polices here(make this a hyperlink to policies)

Click here to view our cancellation policy (link here). We do understand emergencies happen if you do not cancel your appointment in time you can reach out to us here hello@joinmoca.com and we will review your case for refund.

MOCA does not release your address or information to anybody except the therapists that you choose for treatment. We do suggest you use safe practices ie (ie Ask the Physical Therapist what car they drive; look at their profile picture prior to treatment; have them tell you how they are dressed)

MOCA abides by all HIPAA requirements and MOCA prioritizes the security of your information with data integrity.



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