Convenient and Reliable Physical Therapy in Salt Lake City | MOCA

Finding a reliable physical therapist in Salt Lake City doesn’t have to be difficult. The MOCA app puts the power to find good physical therapy back in your hands, with an easy-to-use search bar, helpful direct messaging features, and licensed physical therapists who will meet you at  a location of your choice.

Find The Right Physical Therapist

The MOCA app allows you to search for the perfect physical therapist. With our user-friendly app, you can easily search for your therapist, filtering by:

  • Desired cost
  • Therapist reviews
  • Specific areas of pain
  • Length of appointment: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or an hour
  • Gender

Each of our physical therapists has a personal profile with their information. Here you can check their certifications, browse their specializations, and even see personal interests and hobbies.

All of our licensed physical therapists go through a thorough background check to ensure your safety. Put your well-being back in your hands. You know what you need and want from your therapist, and with MOCA, you have complete control over the physical therapist you choose.

Set an Appointment Right Away

MOCA facilitates your recovery with quicker appointments. You no longer have to wait for your primary physician to refer you to a physical therapist, or wait up to a month for your physical therapy appointment. Instead, it can be as soon as the next day. You can easily pick a time that’s convenient for you in the app.

Speed up your healing by getting treatment sooner. The quicker you start your treatment, the sooner your body will start the recovery process and the sooner you can get back to feeling yourself again!

Communicate Directly With Your Therapist

The MOCA app allows you to directly message your physical therapist before and after your appointment. You will be able to build a personalized communication, download images of your injury, tell them what you’re feeling, and more.

Open communication with your therapist is key for a good therapist-patient relationship. It allows them to better develop a plan of treatment, and allows you to feel more comfortable with your therapist.

Your Physical Therapist Will Come to You

Your injury or other circumstances may make it difficult to travel to your physical therapist’s office, no matter how close they are. With MOCA, you have access to more convenient therapy sessions. All of our therapists will meet you at the location of your choice, whether it’s your home, office, a park, or other place.

In-home physical therapy has a variety of benefits, including better and faster recovery. Take advantage of these benefits with MOCA. You can recover from your injury in the comfort of your home, or at any preferred location, and speed up the journey to feeling yourself again.

Pay Your Therapist Directly

Don’t worry about taking care of insurance, getting cash, or pulling out your credit card after a session. You can set up your card payment on the app, and MOCA will automatically charge you after each session. You and your therapist can focus on your treatment — MOCA handles the rest.