Cash Pay Benefits For Physical Therapy Patients

Paying cash for physical therapy has been shown to offer numerous benefits for patients. Not only are end costs lower, but value and results are better. MOCA explores exactly what those benefits are, the difference between insurance and cash pay, and how to get the most from your money and time. Then, learn how the MOCA app’ cash-based model puts your therapy back in your hands with cash pay and other features.

Paying with Insurance

Most insurance plans should cover physical therapy for an average of 20 sessions per year. Your physical therapy sessions will cost from $20 – $55 (co-pay), but only after you’ve paid your deductible. If you pay for a private in-home service, it can cost up to $150, to cover transportation costs for the physical therapist.

Cash-Based Payments

If you’re paying cash, a session will cost you between $75 – $125. But paying out of pocket actually ends up costing less than sessions paid through insurance. With deductibles on the rise, more and more patients are seeing the value of cash-based pay, especially through cash-based models like the MOCA app.

Through the MOCA app, patients can choose how much they want to pay, and then pay exactly that directly through the app, with no extra costs or surprises. You pay for as many sessions as you want, with the therapist of your choice.

The biggest value that cash-based pay offers is that it allows you to receive one-on-one treatment and put the value of your visits back into your own hands.

How Cash-Based Pay Offers Better Value

When you pay your PT directly with a cash-based payment, you will see your physical therapist for more personalized, one-on-one time. Whereas physical therapists in clinics may be required to treat multiple patients, one-on-one therapy allows you to develop a relationship with your PT.  One-on-one treatment offers:

This individualized treatment works faster and better, bringing you recovery and relief in less time. Faster results also mean less sessions and lower costs.

Finally, when you pay cash, you don’t have to worry about using more than your allotted number of therapy sessions. You can continue your recovery process for as long as it takes without losing your progress.

Physical Therapy With MOCA

The MOCA app connects you with physical therapists in your area who will conduct a private physical therapy session at the location of your choice. Search for your Therapist, and schedule your visit at a set cost: no insurance needed, no hidden fees.Your card will be billed after your session, and you won’t have to do a thing.

When you use the MOCA app to choose your physical therapist, everything is in your hands. Instead of picking among the available physical therapists in your insurance network, you can choose a physical therapist based on filters created to personalize your search. Check their reviews in the app, sort by price, or search for an area of expertise that your injury requires.

You can also choose a physical therapist based on the cost per session. Each physical therapist will set their own pricing, and your selection will help determine the market — and how much you pay out of pocket.