Benefits of Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries are soft tissue injuries/diseases such as fractures, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, and more, and they are now found in over half of the US population. These injuries affect not just your body, but your wallet as well, as the direct and indirect costs of treating these chronic diseases rise.

Let’s explore the cost of these injuries, and how visiting a physical therapist through the MOCA app can help reduce your pain and financial burden.

The Cost of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Lost work and wages

More people take days off work every year for musculoskeletal injuries than for respiratory conditions or cancer. Even more, when musculoskeletal injuries continue, they often lead to an inability to work, lower productivity, disability, and loss of wages.

Pain medication

Prescribing medication for these types of injuries has become more and more common in the last couple decades  and since the pain is chronic, patients often pay for these medications for decades.

Hospital visits

Annually, it costs over $15,000 per person to treat one musculoskeletal disease, not to mention all the diseases that often come hand-in-hand with them (migraines, cardiovascular disease, and more).

If you don’t visit a physical therapist first, you will likely schedule a visit with your primary care physician instead, who will refer you to a specialist. Your doctors may recommend an MRI or ultrasound to diagnose a musculoskeletal injury, and then may suggest medication and/or a visit to a physical therapist.

Total costs (after deductible)

  • Primary care physician: $45 co-pay
  • Specialist: $70 co-pay
  • Imaging: $250 co-pay per test
  • Other practitioner (physical therapist): $45 co-pay, per visit, for an average of 7-10 visits
  • Medication: $100+

With healthcare costs, deductibles, and co-pay increasing every year, what you’re paying for physician visits, hospital visits, testing, and treatments will only go up. However, seeing a physical therapist first can eliminate the need for these costs.

Why See a PT?

Several studies have shown that physical therapy is a cost-effective way to treat musculoskeletal injuries. Since physical therapy’s goals are to improve mobility, prevent surgery, and deal with pain without medications, it is an ideal solution for these kinds of injuries.

Physical therapy is a long-term, real solution for a fraction of the cost. Instead of a total of $800+ to treat an injury, you can skip the physician visits, imaging costs, and pain medication expenses, and spend around $500 on a few quality physical therapy visits, which will have long-lasting results.

Because physical therapy is tailored to the patient and focuses on constant and targeted physical activities, it “leads to better results, reduces further research and treatment and lowers costs.” Treating the injury with physical therapy will help you regain quality of life and improve their movement, which allows you to keep your job. It also reduces pain, meaning less medication, and prevents hospital visits.


Physical therapy is the solution for your body and your wallet, but both PTs and patients say physical therapy should be more convenient and easily accessible. MOCA is the ultimate solution. Where many patients have to wait an average of a month to see a physical therapist, with the MOCA app, you can search for a licensed physical therapist in your area right away, and they will come straight to you.

With MOCA, you can access reliable and experienced physical therapy that will be personalized to you. You can filter based on specialization and price, and what you see is what you pay — no hidden fees and no insurance. A session with a MOCA can range from $75-125, and with our licensed therapists’ high-quality, personalized attention, you will feel a change in just a few sessions.

Start your cost-effective recovery process with MOCA now.